Saturday, May 23, 2009

Third Soundboard Progress

Saturday, May 23, 2009.

Even though our visitors have arrived I have been able to get a fair amount done on my newest soundboard - in fact its pretty much done and ready to glue onto the new rim - carved, shaped, f-holes cut, and tone bars installed and shaped. Having carved it twice before, I found carving to go a whole lot faster now that I have a better idea what I am doing. Here is what it looks like.

You will probably notice that there is a place at the base of the soundboard that is light colored. This is a patch of maple veneer that I had to install where I got the soundboard too thin while carving. While I never broke all the way through, the spruce got paper thin and unless I was going to abandon this soundboard, too, I needed to find a way to repair it. Fortunately I had a sheet of thin maple veneer left over from where I had used some earlier on the peghead and, using hide glue, I used it to reinforce the thin spot from the inside.

Judging by the light ring after gluing, I think it should work out OK provided that the veneer doesn’t end up dampening the sound too much (if any).

I also was able to get my rim completed (the glue on the kerf lining is setting up as we speak).

And, finally, I managed to carve the scroll. I really like this.

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