Sunday, March 8, 2009

Installing Truss Rod

Sunday, March 8, 2009.

Not a whole lot done this weekend - we had an extra-large yard sale on Saturday, being the first really nice weekend this year (~75 degrees + sunny), so we are pretty well worn out today. I’d say we had well over 1000 people show up for it.

But I digress - back to mandolin building.

I finished cutting my truss rod slot and the pocket for the nut this evening and then made a filler piece that I glued in.

As you can see, I clamped it while gluing to help prevent rattling later. What you can’t see is that I slid a drinking straw around the rod before gluing it in to make sure that the glue didn’t stick to the rod itself.

I also purchased a block of mahogany off of eBay and was able to cut out my head block.

Before cutting.

And after cutting it out and sanding it smooth with my drill press / drum sander.

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