Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Woohoooo! My first package arrived in the mail today!

It turned out to be my European Spruce Top Wood and my practice side wood (the mandolin in the picture is for size reference - I just couldn’t think of a better reference). This order came from Stewart-MacDonald and it arrived unbelievably quickly. I placed my order on Saturday, they got it out their door (according to their email) on Monday, and it was received at my doorstep on Wednesday. Pretty good service, in my book.

Here is what I got.

Each of the two items came in two pieces. The Top wood is a single wedge cut board split down the middle and the practice wood is two pieces taped together (mandolin for reference again).

It never occurred to me that the two pieces of the top wood would come still joined together, but it’s pretty obvious when I think about it that this makes it impossible for anyone to question whether they are a book-matched set when they arrive this way. This picture shows both ends and where they stopped sawing at the one end. Each of the two pieces is 6” wide by 17” long and measures 3/8” thick on the thin edge and 1” thick on the thick edge.

This just shows that the practice wood arrived as two pieces taped together. They are each 4” wide by 25” long and just a horse-hair under 1/8” thick.

There really isn’t a whole lot I can do with these right now, even if I wanted to. About the only things I could do are, of course, practice bending and separate the two top pieces. If the old axiom “use it or lose it” holds true here, seems like practicing bending before I’m ready to bend the real thing would be a bit risky. Likewise, since I don’t have the hide-glue yet with which to glue together my book-matched top pieces, there is not much value in cutting them apart right now, either.

Guess I’ll go do some more surfing...

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